Season 1 Finale Recap

Ok. There is a lot to say about this one. First, don't get discouraged looking at that countdown clock (it is an estimate, not sure exact date). We will still be here giving you all the news on Batwoman and we'll think of some fun extras to help tide you over. Additionally, we think everyone knows that this finale wasn't the originally planned finale. The show simply ran out of time when the quarantine hit. That said, each episode of Batwoman has felt like a finale with the amount of surprises we get. I mean, Kryptonite is Batwoman's weakness? AWESOME! Now, here's what stood out to us in the finale:

  1. Arkham's Mess: The city is flooded with the escaped inmates from Arkham. They are insane, dangerous, and abundant. Jacob catches up to a machete wielding inmate and nearly loses his life if Kate didn't get there to save him. Alice sits in the sewers of Gotham with Mouse reading the journal. Mouse is over all of it and begs Alice to leave Gotham. She won't until she kills Batwoman. Back at Wayne Manor, Luke hands Kate the Kryptonite that Bruce had. He says he was holding on to it for a "friend". Luke thinks this is the only Kryptonite left in the world, which would have been true pre-crisis. But as we know on Supergirl, there is actually a lot of it now. Luke starts work on destroying the Kryptonite.
  2. Alice Hunts for Kryptonite: Alice is heading to a university to find Kryptonite. She speaks to a professor that says he studied the element but didn't know it as Kryptonite. Kryptonite is the strongest cutting metal known to exist. Once Alice realizes that the Kryptonite was sent back to Wayne Tech, she kills the professor and leaves. Batwoman heads to the football stadium to find Titan's brother. She is looking for information on where he is. Then Titan shows up. He's there to paralyze his brother. Titan succeeds and Batwoman takes the loss.
  3. Mouse Pulls Away: Seeing Alice's obsession to kill Batwoman as unstoppable, Mouse says he's leaving her. He won't die for Alice's vendetta. Alice agrees to keep Mouse around but demands a party first. Back at the Batcave, the team discovers that Titan is likely going after his old coach next. In order to get the crows off of Batwoman's tail, Mary turns on the bat light. She asks for Jacob to talk to Batwoman. Batwoman asks for a team up, asks for her help. He is furious that Batwoman "used" his daughter. Mary pleads for Jacob's help. After they dismiss the Crows, Batwoman appears and makes the plea in person. They set a trap. They put the coach, Titan's next target on the 50 yard line for an apology. They hope this will draw him out.
  4. Alice Burns the Book: Alice and Mouse have a trauma binding ritual. They destroy the Journal so they can be free. As the book burns, Mouse starts to bleed. Alice poisoned Mouse so that Mouse couldn't leave her. The whole ritual was a fake. Alice's vengeance MUST be acted out. Mouse dies in Alice's lap. Julia and Sophie were left out of the plan for teaming with Batwoman. Sophie and Julia text to warn Batwoman. Batwoman still accepts the risk. Titan cuts the power to the stadium and starts taking out Crows. Batwoman flies down to protect the coach and takes on Titan at the 50 yard line. Batwoman can't beat him but she appeals to his humanity to get him to stop.
  5. Betrayal: The Crows take the shot and kill him. They then surround Batowman and start taking shots at her. She has to escape using her grapple. Jacob won't stop his mission against Batwoman. Julia reveals to Sophie that she is being followed. Photos of her and Sophie were sent to her hotel room in the morning. Kate laments that her father fooled her. Jacob's betrayal hurts Kate more than any bullet could.

In the finale wrap up moments, Luke shows up to show that he destroyed the Kryptonite. Kate reveals that she has Kryptonite. She is keeping it for Kara. Kara trusts that if she ever goes off the rails, Kate can take her down. Kate is unwilling to destroy the Kryptonite she has until she can talk with Supergirl about it. Now Mary and Luke know. Jacob looks at the 50 caliber bullet that couldn't kill Batwoman. He starts looking for a more powerful gun. Then, Alice comes up with her biggest plan ever, she turns Tommy into Bruce Wayne! Tommy now has the face of BRUCE WAYNE! He can walk right into Wayne tower and take the Kryptonite!

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#8 Ranking of episodesCatPat 2020-05-26 07:34
Administrator... when you clise out voting for the finale, will you consider a ranking of the season 1 episodes based on votes?
#7 Ruby Rose exits BatwomanCatPat 2020-05-19 15:38
Quoting CatPat:
Quoting Siggi:
Quoting CatPat:

No electrified bat wig... bummer.

I guess we might have seen in this season if we got the 22 episodes.
But I am sure that it will appear early on in season 2. ;-)

Let's hope ;)

I cant believe Ruby is leaving!
#6 RE: Season 1 Finale RecapCatPat 2020-05-19 08:19
Quoting Siggi:
Quoting CatPat:

No electrified bat wig... bummer.

I guess we might have seen in this season if we got the 22 episodes.
But I am sure that it will appear early on in season 2. ;-)

Let's hope ;)
#5 RE: Season 1 Finale RecapSiggi 2020-05-19 04:11
Quoting CatPat:

No electrified bat wig... bummer.

I guess we might have seen in this season if we got the 22 episodes.
But I am sure that it will appear early on in season 2. ;-)
#4 RE: Season 1 Finale RecapSiggi 2020-05-18 14:25
A worthy finale for this season!
My long review will show up in the forum tomorrow! ;-)
P.S.: I miss that there is no new trailer for the next episode :sad:
Looking forward to some info and videos on the 2nd season.
January can't come too soon.
#3 RE: Season 1 Finale Recapathena69 2020-05-18 07:34
Wow! That was quite a ride. This whole season has been one surprise after another!

RIP, Mouse. :cry:

(It wasn't the Journal they burned, it was the "Alice in Wonderland" book.)
#2 RE: Season 1 Finale RecapRomulus 2020-05-17 19:33
It was certainly an enjoyable episode and a decent finale that should help carry over the Alice / Kate storyline into Season 2. Season 1, pandemic notwithstanding, has been solid and worth watching.

Cheers to all and have a safe, good hiatus and I'll see everyone when Batwoman returns in early 2021. 8)
#1 RE: Season 1 Finale RecapCatPat 2020-05-17 18:16
Wow... I knew something big was going to happen with Mouse but I didn't see that coming. Rachel is quite an effective actress.

Faux Bruce Wayne... cool. But Tommy can't mimick voices like Mouse. Perhaps this is a clue to the 2021 crossover...??? But no World's Finest without Supergirl!

Love Mary!

No electrified bat wig... bummer.

Good episode... its a long wait until January ish! Nice job by Caroline Dries, cast, crew and writers.

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