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Its a little bit of a polar opposite situation when it comes to finale gallery vs finale synopsis. We've never had a synopsis as long and as teasing as we did for the finale, but even though we are getting eight new images for the finale, they aren't giving away many secrets. Our gut tells us we'll get more images after the episode airs but for now we can see two clear things. The first is that Mary is going to be spending more time in the Batcave from now on! Second, we are getting a little preview of the stand off between Jacob and Batwoman, will Kate have to reveal her secret to her dad? Check out the images below:

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#6 RE: Season Finale GalleryCatPat 2020-05-17 07:37
A little more finale facts...
#5 RE: Season Finale GalleryRomulus 2020-05-10 15:18
Very nice shots! Thanks for posting them here. :-)
#4 RE: Season Finale GallerySiggi 2020-05-09 07:59
Quoting CatPat:
It amazing how sinister Hush's bandages look. A cool visual effect and not just gauze bandages.

Yeah, that did a pretty good job on that look!
The needed to "modify" these bandages a bit, since fresh bandages would look rather ...odd.
#3 RE: Season Finale GalleryCatPat 2020-05-09 06:41
It amazing how sinister Hush's bandages look. A cool visual effect and not just gauze bandages.
#2 RE: Season Finale GalleryCatPat 2020-05-08 16:31
Mary... straighten your shoulders girl!
#1 RE: Season Finale GallerySiggi 2020-05-08 13:20
Indeed, after that massive synopsis...these pictures doesn't show much, but totally understandable es episode 19 shouldn't be more spoilered before it airs.
The most interesting picture -so far- is the one with Batwoman and Jacob.
I wonder why they clash against each other? But as it seems Batwoman messing up his plans big time. :-)
I so hope that Batwoman won't reveal herself to him. That secret must remain a secret!

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