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Here we go again! Another unique Batwoman teaser and this one tells the story of Batwoman, Batman and the mysteries that abound! If you haven't read the series synopsis, we believe this teaser is meant to educate you to the situation that Batwoman takes place in. If your are an Arrowverse fan and watch Supergirl, you might know that the heroes who share an emblem with the title heroes of the DC Comics staples need to stand on their own! In season one of Supergirl we never really saw Superman! He was on Earth but he wasn't ever seen. This allowed Supergirl to stand on her own. For Batwoman, the show has created a huge mystery! Batman has been missing in Gotham for three year! What drove the Dark Knight away and what does his absence mean for Gotham? Well ... this trailer might answer the latter question for you! Check it out:

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#2 RE: Shop Rules TeaserRomulus 2019-08-31 02:38
Very nice! Should be an interesting pilot to be sure. ;-)
#1 RE: Shop Rules TeaserSiggi 2019-08-31 01:56
Nothing really new (except the light house), but a nice roundup.
Damn, I REALLY wanna know the reason why Batman has disappeared. My biggest question before the show.

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