Take Your Choice Recap

Welcome back everyone! We hope you guys had a good two-week break but now it's time to get down to business! A version of Beth is back in Kate's life and now Alice and Beth are going to have a face off. From what we saw last episode, it would seem that only one of them can exist on Earth Prime and with Alice's abilities to deceive, Beth will need Kate's protection! Of course, that's not all that happened this episode, here's what stood out to us:

  1. The Hunt for Alice Intensifies: Alice is on the loose and Sophie is determined find and kill her. This means that Kate needs to get Beth out of the city as fast as she can so she doesn't get mistaken for Alice. They aren't able to get her past Crow checkpoints. They head back to Wayne tower where they discover Alice and Beth only have about 7 hours before they both cease to exist.
  2. Batwoman Seeks Commander Sophie: Batwoman asks Sophie to rescind the shoot-to-kill order. She reaches out when Sophie leads a team into an abandoned building. Dressed as Batwoman, Kate makes her plea but Sophie is too focused on the mission to take the kill-order away. We then cut to Commander Kane in jail where he is stabbed by Alice's boyfriend.
  3. Alice and Beth Meet: Alice heads to Wayne Tower to see if what she was told about Beth is true. Alice and Beth come face to face. Alice learns that Beth's Kate was able to pull her from the car before it fell. Alice is enraged. Alice throws her butterfly knife at Beth's head just as Kate snatches it from the air. Alice uses the distraction to leave Wayne Tower knowing that either her or Beth must die.
  4. The Surgeon Meets Mouse: The surgeon that Jacob's defense team needs to testify heads to the hospital where Mouse is. We quickly realize that the surgeon is wearing a face too. Turns out that he is actually Mouse's father. He isn't dead and has been living a double life allowing both Alice and Mouse to believe he was dead. Mouse's father wants to know where Alice is. He blames Alice for his son's falling out. When Mouse won't give up her location, he uses a truth serum on him to learn the truth.
  5. The Cure: Turns out Alice already had a cure for the multiverse sickness that is afflicting her and Beth. It was the cure she gave to Mary after she poisoned both Mary and her Mother. She heads to the clinic where Mary is and confronts her. The two battle and Mary is able to come out on top trapping Alice in the clinic and without having the cure (Mary's blood). Alice is left with a phone however, where she calls the Crows and sicks them on Beth. If Beth dies, Alice lives.
  6. The Crows Storm the Building: As the crows storm the building, there is only once place in Wayne Tower that can keep Beth safe, The Batcave. Beth, Kate and Luke descend into the cave revealing Kate's identity to Beth. Alice is then visited by Catherine in a fever dream where she hopes that the cure that Mary has will be given to her and not her doppleganger.
  7. 20 Minutes To Go: With 20 minutes to go, Mary gives the cure to Kate. Kate has to choose who to save. The cure will regenerate the cells of one of the Beth's just long enough for the other to survive. Kate gives the cure to Beth and then goes to Alice to be with her when she dies. Alice is shocked that she didn't get the cure but the two share a sisterly moment as Alice begins to decay. In a twist of fate, Mouse's father finds Beth who he believes to be Alice and shoots her and kills her.

In the final wrap up moments, Alice is burst back to health and turns to Kate. "You let me die but I didn't", then knocks Kate out! WOW this was a gut punch episode!

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#4 RE: Take Your Choice Recapathena69 2020-02-17 17:50
... Whoa! Talk about an emotional wringer!

There was so much about this episode that I loved: the scene with Alice and Beth and Kate in the office... Mary going toe-to-toe with Alice... Catherine's "I'll save a seat for you in hell" cameo... that Kate went to be with Alice so she wouldn't die alone, and I was crying right there with Kate as Alice died.

I knew Kate was going to choose Beth, but didn't know how they were going to still kill her off. I was really loving this whole episode... right up to the point August killed Beth. I've hated that stinker from the beginning. Alice can claim insanity, but August is just pure evil sociopath. I agree, Romulus, this is going to mark a major turning point in Kate and Alice's relationship. And when Kate finds out it was August... we thought she was pissed about Catherine's death! (Hmm, I wonder if that's how Catherine will continue to make her appearance in the show, as Alice's "conscience"?!?)

Off the Alice/Beth track: when Beth told Kate that she was only ever jealous of her having a soul mate, my mind started wondering who it could be, and have we already met this character. Sophie actually did not occur to me, probably cuz I really don't think they make a good couple, I'm just not seeing the chemistry. And I'm thinking maybe it's not her, cuz in the last episode when Kate first encounters Beth and asks if Sophie let her go, Beth said "Who?".

Final thought: not sure if I like the mods to the suit. I'm sure it's a lot more comfortable, but it looks awfully susceptible to a garrote.
#3 RE: Take Your Choice RecapSiggi 2020-02-17 13:48
A good episode with some niccce twists! My detailed review -as ususual- can be found in the forum.
#2 RE: Take Your Choice RecapRomulus 2020-02-16 19:28
This was a very interesting episode. It some ways it was predictable (either Beth or Alice had to die) but the ending was quite a twist of fate and the reveal about Mouse's father was also another wrench in the system. The show just gets more intricate - which is a very good thing. 8)

Btw, Alice is really NOT A HAPPY CAMPER with Kate's live/die choice. This will definitely make her that much more unpredictable and dangerous as the season moves on.
#1 RE: Take Your Choice RecapCatPat 2020-02-16 18:05
Wow... intense way to end the episode! I did not want the episode to end. Next week can't come fast enough!

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