Tell Me The Truth Recap

Tonight we saw a brand new episode of Batwoman as well as the daughter of legendary Alfred Pennyworth! There was a history between the two that we didn't expect. Speaking of history, we also saw more of Kate and Sophie's past relationship. Of course, that wasn't all. Alice and Mouse made big steps forward in their master plan! Natalie Abrams and Caroline Dries co-wrote tonight's episode. Here's what stood out to us in the episode:

  1. Sniper in Gotham: There is a new villain in Gotham, a sniper who seems to be targeting members of Catherine Hamilton's company. These people are the only people who know how to make the railgun Mouse stole. The sniper killed two members earlier in the week but his third hit was foiled by Batwoman! He did get away but partly because Batwoman was stopped by Sophie in the street who is threatening to tell Kate's dad about who she really is. Speaking of Jacob, in the next scene we discover that he has filed for divorce from Catherine!
  2. Julia Pennyworth: Kate gets a beat on who the sinper is targeting. She heads to where she thinks the next strike will take place but finds out there is another pursuer there! Before Batwoman can make the capture, this new figure engages Batwoman. After sharing several blows, Julia recognizes the fighting style and reveals herself to Kate and addresses her by name. Just as the Hamilton employee gets away, he is caught by Mouse and killed. Rifle, aka the sniper, was hired by Alice.
  3. Sophie and Kate: Kate asks to meet with Sophie to talk about her Batwoman role. She heads to the restaurant that so happily offered to give Batwoman a free meal. She wanted to make sure Sophie wasn't going to blow her secret. Before they could talk about it though, the restaurant owner made a scene that he didn't want lesbians in the restaurant. The pair head out where Kate accuses Sophie of the lie she made. We then discover that it was Jacob that gave Sophie a second opinion. Sophie then tells her husband about the three-year relationship she's had in the past with Kate. It seems that Sophie is afraid of her mom and what she'll think if she knows she was a lesbian.
  4. The Rail Gun: It's all been about the rail gun! The only gun that can kill Batwoman. Catherine, despite her pending divorce comes to speak with Jacob to let him know that the rail gun is missing and the scientists that made it are dead. This forces Sophie to tell Jacob that Kate is Batwoman. In doing so, this moves up finding the rail gun in Jacob's priorities because it will keep Kate safe. The Crows head out to the field to see if they can track down where the gun is via its radioactive tracker.
  5. Faux Batwoman: In an effort to throw off Sophie, Julia wears the Batwoman suit and Kate appears with Batwoman to show Sophie that she isn't Batwoman! But, just as Sophie was starting to believe Kate isn't Batwoman, the faux-Batwoman (Julia in the suit) is shot by the railgun! Julia is thrown out of the building down to the street. The Crows instantly surround her and take Batwoman into custody. Kate then heads after her so that they can't get Julia. She is able to stop the Crows and get Julia out of the van in time.

Final wrap up moments. It turns out that Alice has manipulated everyone interested in the rail gun into believing that it doesn't work. Alice changed out the projectile so that the sniper couldn't kill Batwoman. But, of course, Alice still has the deadly bullet. Julia heads off to keep tracking down the sniper who has the rail gun. Sophie goes to talk with Kate who she now believes isn't Batwoman. Sophie gives Kate her sharpshooter medal as a peace offering but before Kate opens it, she tells Sophie to keep her distance. The two were close to reconciling but are now further apart than ever. Kate does make her first real-estate purchase though. She buys the building across the street from the restaurant that threw her out. She is going to make it into a gay bar. The episode ends with Mouse inpersonating Jacob and Alice claims she's set the stage for the "most memorable mad tea party" ever.

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#4 RE: Tell Me The Truth Recaprubyduuby 2019-11-18 23:20
I really enjoyed this episode. I loved Julia and how she definitely still has feelings for Kate and I definitely want to see her back. I hated how Sophie told her husband that she has no feeling for kate what-so-ever because it is definitely a lie. she needs to face the truth and get with Kate already.
+1 #3 RE: Tell Me The Truth RecapLittlegoldfish666 2019-11-18 12:37
I'm glad the Kate/Mary relationship is moving forward now. Mary is an awesome character
+1 #2 RE: Tell Me The Truth RecapSiggi 2019-11-18 12:01
Good that the "certain" bad outcome for BW could be avoided :-)
Will post my detailed review in the next hours as usual in the forum.
+1 #1 RE: Tell Me The Truth RecapRomulus 2019-11-17 19:20
This was a very good, revelatory episode. The tightness and suspense is on-point and appropriate. Enjoyable to watch. :-)

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