The Rabbit Hole Recap

It's time for another all new episode of Batwoman! We are so excited! Tonight's episode perfectly fits in with last week's pilot. Really, this feels more like part 2 of the opening. Kate Kane is still not fully Batwoman. She hasn't worn the Black and Red Suit and as far as Gotham is concerned, Batman is back. Kate's singular focus remains her drive to find Alice who she now suspects to be her long lost sister Beth. Can Kate use her cousin's resources as Batwoman to find Alice and prove once and for all who she is? That's the topic at hand tonight, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Kate's Father is Obsessed: After learning last week that Alice's motives are more about getting revenge on Jacob Kane than on Gotham, Jacob and his Crows are doubling down on their hunt for Alice. Jacob doesn't suspect that Alice is his lost daughter so Jacob's hunt is unaltered. Kate is using her Batman tech to try and get to Alice before Jacob does. Jacob could make the biggest mistake if he doesn't learn the truth beforehand.
  2. Alice's Knife: Alice doesn't like loose ends and she is feeling a bit angry that she has misplaced her knife. That knife, now in Kate's hands, might be the key to Alice's identity. Alice, now occupying a home in the suburbs, is sending her Wonderland gang out to find the misplaced knife.
  3. DNA and Sophie: Kate needs to find if the DNA on the knife is the same as her sister's. While Wayne Tech might have the tools, they don't know how to use it. Kate seeks assistance from her former lover Sophie at Crow's headquarters to see if she'll use their DNA device to test it against a sample of Kate's. Sophie turns her down and just as they are about to part ways, the Wonderland gang pulls a sneak attack and the duo fight them off, but not before Kate and Sophie lose the knife.
  4. Kate Sets a Meeting: Kate heads to her step-sister's illegal health clinic where a wounded member of the Wonderland gang is being treated. Kate tells the gang member to give Alice a message. If Alice is truly Beth, then she'll know what it means and where to meet. Kate asks once again for Sophie's help to delay the Crows and see if Alice is indeed Beth. Alice does end up showing at the Waffle Stand location where Kate is waiting for her. The two reconnect and while still a little unconfirmed, Kate is allowed a blood sample to test just who Alice is. Sophie, on the other hand, makes a choice and betrays Kate. Sophie and the Crows arrive at the former home of the Kane family too late to catch the gang. Sophie, knowing that Kate is meeting with Alice at the Waffle Stand, lets the Crows know that they are there.
  5. Alice is Captured: Sophie, Jacob and the Crows show up at the Waffle Stand. With the green light to kill on sight, it's Kate's protection that saves Alice. She is able to talk Jacob down and rather than kill Alice, they arrest her. Alice, however, lets Kate know that she doesn't like that there are new "Sisters" now and Kate deduces that Mary is in trouble. Dressed as Batman once again, Kate is able to get to Mary in time and save her from the Wonderland gang attack. During the transport of Alice to Arkham, a rocket is fired on the van and it tumbles into the water. As Alice once again finds herself in a wrecked car underwater drowning, Kate does arrive in time to save her sister this time. The van, however, is hit by gun fire and the two sisters are separated. The cops begin to hunt Batwoman down but Luke is able to revive her using a defibrillator built into the suit. The cops aren't able to capture Alice or Batwoman.

Final wrap up moments. The city continues to wonder if Batman is really back or not. Kate returns to Mary's clinic to say she is sorry that she missed dinner and the two talked about how Mary is being hunted by Alice. Kate returns to speak with her dad at Crows headquarters. He can't believe that his daughter would be capable of doing what Alice has done. In a flashback, we see just how much Beth's disappearance has affected Jacob. Jacob relied on Katherine Hamilton's investigators to find evidence of Alice's death. Kate can't believe it and Jacob tries to explain to her that it was Beth. On her way out, Kate runs into Sophie again. Sophie again distances herself from Kate who calls her out for betraying her. Alice notes that it wasn't her who staged the bomb on the transport and Kate now realizes there is another party that doesn't want Kate learning the truth. Just then we see that Katherine Hamilton seems to be pulling the strings to keep Kate in the dark. It was her investigators who said Alice was dead. Just what is Katherine up to?

Finally, Kate is left with the fact that she has provided the whole city of Gotham hope that their Dark Knight might have returned. Kate now needs to decide if she is going to put on the suit for more than just finding Alice. Alice, however, get's the last word as she notes that wearing that suit means to take on all the darkness that comes with it. In a note to Kate with a live Bat in it, Alice tells Kate she has her father's eyes...

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#5 RE: The Rabbit Hole RecapSiggi 2019-10-16 14:44
Really good episode! More details in the forum.
#4 RE: The Rabbit Hole Admin 2019-10-14 10:00
This episode felt like a perfect companion piece to the pilot. Viewing them together was more like a movie. My prediction is that next week's episode will feel like the last piece of the puzzle in an origin story.
#3 RE: The Rabbit Hole RecapRomulus 2019-10-14 09:28
Very enjoyable episode. Strong storyline and good characterisations. Good pace, cohesive storytelling and compelling drama. This second episode delivered the goods. Looking forward to more solid episodes to come.

Despite the dark tone and serious nature of the show in comparison to other CW offerings, this series has a lot of potential and is very enjoyable viewing. 8)
#2 RE: The Rabbit Hole Recapjaxxdehr 2019-10-14 08:49
Glad to have help. Will be back this weekend
+1 #1 RE: The Rabbit Hole Recapkdogg87 2019-10-13 19:25
Strong episode, overall. I enjoyed it. Good character drama, and nice plot threads teased at the end.

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