Through the Looking-Glass Recap

With everything going on in the world today, it's nice to step back and have a little Batwoman to help us de-stress and go to another place. We hope everyone is feeling healthy and safe during this viral outbreak. Someone who isn't feeling fine is Kate. After last episode, Kate broke Batman's number one rule. All the things that Cartwright did to Kate's family was simply too much to forgive. Kate snapped and as we heard Alice say, "Congratulations Daddy, now both your daughters are murderers". Let's see how this twisted family reunion went in tonight's all new episode:

  1. Burying Cartwright: The Kanes are picking up right where we left off. They are all working to bury Kate's victim. Alice celebrates her sister and Kate laments her choice. Alice uses the moment of distraction to take Jacob's gun and she is able to run off. Jacob says Kate should let killing Cartwright go but Kate continues to struggle. Dressed as Batwoman, Kate finds herself taking busting criminals a little too far. Back at the Batcave, Luke discovers the new trial for his father's killer has been moved up to today. Jacob still needs to hunt down the mole in the Crows and he gets Sophie to help investigate. Alice, using the leverage over Kate she now has, gets Kate to help her hunt down a person from Alice's past who has killed all of Alice's Wonderland gang.
  2. Finding Mouse: Alice and Kate head to former doctors' offices that Mouse was treated by. They believe that Mouse is heading to kill all those that might have treated him. Alice and Kate go undercover and await Mouse at his former psychiatrist's house. Investigating for Jacob, Sophie runs into Julia Pennyworth who has gotten word there is a hit out on Sophie. She saves Sophie's life by pulling her down before being hit by a sniper. We then catch Mouse making his way to the doctor's house. She has called the Crows who sweep in and take him to Arkham. Kate and Sophie have to fight their way out so not to be seen by the Crows.
  3. Arkham Asylum: Mouse is taken to Arkham and two keys are needed to open the cell to get him out. Alice continues to use her leverage over Kate to break out Mouse from Arkham. We cut to the courtroom where Luke and Mary hear that Luke's Dad's Killer will get a new trial and is set free until the trial can commence. Stuck in a sisterly struggle, Kate and Alice stop fighting and Alice offers Kate absolution. A thank you for killing "Beth's" tormentor. Kate is only worried because she doesn't feel guilt over the murder. She is only afraid of becoming like Alice. She agrees to help Alice break Mouse out as long as she can trust Alice. No killing, no one dies, those are Kate's terms.
  4. Breaking Out Mouse: Setting a decoy at the front gates of Arkham allows Alice and Kate to get into the facility. Kate reminds Alice of her promise and the two sisters split to get the keys to open Mouse's cell. Julia is being treated at Mary's facility when Mary walks in and begins to assist in patching up Julia's wound. Luke goes to confront his father's killer but what he finds is a person who very much feels he is innocent. He starts to tell his truth and Luke is amazed and starts to believe him that he didn't kill Lucius. Just then, whoever is covering their tracks and targeting Sophie takes out the recently freed convict. Luke attempts to save him from what looks like a shot to the heart!
  5. Jailbreak: Alice keeps her word surprisingly and doesn't kill. The director does hit the panick button which puts the whole asylum on alert. The sisters, now with keys in hand, open the cell and Alice rushes to Mouse's side. Kate, pulls the biggest doublecross we've ever seen. She traps Alice in Mouse's cell. Kate and Jacob standing on the otherside of Alice's new cell say they can't let Alice hurt anyone else again. Alice experiences her worst fear all over again, Kate and Jacob leave Alice.

In the final wrap up moments, Jacob praises Kate for her courage and her service. Jacob tells Kate that he moved the body so Alice can't threaten her anymore. Kate feels horrible but turns to her father for help and comfort. Luke heads to Mary's where he starts to hear more of the story and plot against his father. Julia and Sophie head to a safehouse where they can continue to look into Lucius's murder. Sophie goes to call Jacob and let him know about the murders when a sniper opens fire on Jacob. Jacob is able to take him out but is left with more questions than answers. Kate sits on the edge of her balcony when Julia arrives. Julia comforts Kate and they kiss on the edge of the balcony.

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#4 RE: Through the Looking-Glass RecapSiggi 2020-03-24 03:02
The writers did surprise us again :-) . Oh, I wonder what Alice will plan now....
Left my detailed review on the forum.
+1 #3 RE: Through the Looking-Glass Recapathena69 2020-03-23 11:51
I have to say, plot holes aside, the writers are doing an excellent job of keeping the surprises coming. Not to mention the emotional turmoil! I expected Alice to betray Kate and let her get caught at Arkham so she and Mouse could escape (and maybe she did plan that). But for Kate to betray Alice?!? Did not see that one coming! This time, Kate and Jacob are knowingly abandoning Alice/Beth. That's gonna leave a mark!

I loved the scenes with Kate and Alice, especially with them fighting and then talking while lying on the floor. Wow, what a fabulous heart-to-heart! And a little humor thrown in at the end. The writers are doing an awesome job of building character, complete with angst!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I believe Reggie, he WAS framed. Which might explain why he saved Jacob while in Blackgate - cuz he really was a decent man. And I like that Mary is being so supportive of Luke. I like that their relationship is building slowly, friendship first, then...???

And Julia! SQUEEEE!!! I knew they'd bring her back, but I wasn't expecting it to be so soon. I know this hookup isn't going to last, but I think they make a cute couple!

FYI, just to clarify (because I'm OCD). In #2, it says "Kate and Sophie have to fight their way out", it was Kate and Alice.
#2 RE: Through the Looking-Glass RecapRomulus 2020-03-22 19:12
Another very strong episode! Great all around! 8) ;-)
#1 RE: Through the Looking-Glass RecapCatPat 2020-03-22 18:39
I knew Kate was going to shut the door on Alice when she entered Mouse's cell but it was a bit heartbreaking to watch. Skarsten does a fantastic job in the role.

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