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The drama is building up a notch. After finding out what exactly happened to Kate, we can only hope she gets rescued soon. But with Black Mask, you can never tell how things might go. Looking towards the next episode, as the trailer below will remind you, we are going on a small break with the next episode airing on April 11th. From the trailer, there's a lot happening. First we have Batwoman determined to bring down Black Mask, and considering last night's episode, it's no wonder. Julia is trying to figure out who caused her memory blackouts, and a whole lot more. Check out the full trailer below:

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#2 RE: Time Off For Good Behavior TrailerSiggi 2021-03-29 15:10
Yeah, the "Julia memory loss" is one of the many interesting topics! Why did the screw with her head? Why didn't they kill her? What did she find out that they erased?
What will happen to Angelique? Will she already be in custody/prison? How will they get her out? But I guess that won't happen in the next episode.
Looking forward to seeing more of Black Mask and his plan.
And of course, hopefully, a first scene with Wallis Day ....and her revealed face...would be great!
#1 RE: Time Off For Good Behavior TrailerCatPat 2021-03-29 12:26
Oh... I was thinking that someone was posing as Julia to get information and not that her memories were tampered with... I wonder what else happened offscreen during her absence. I am all for some Julia centric scenes.

Still curious when Wallis makes her debut. I assume we have been seeing a stunt double.

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