Tommy Elliot's Bruce Wayne Confirmed for Premiere 2

It's beginning to look a lot like BAT-CHRISTMAS! With Batwoman being the leading show for the Arrowverse in the 2021 television season, it's no wonder that the show is starting to share sneak peeks and preview images first. The only Arrowverse show debuting next month, Batwoman has a lot to get done and do so fast! With the exit of Ruby Rose and the introduction of an entirely new character taking over the Bat-mantle, Javicia Lesie's Ryan Wilder will have to move fast to win the hearts of the Bat fans from season 1. While a lot has been revolving around how this new Batwoman will handle the cowl, one thing is clear from our premiere gallery, Tommy Elliot's plan to steal the Kryptonite shard is still in effect! With Covid-19 all but up-ending all of television, the show will have to put a nice bow on season 1 storylines and help fans jump into a new character! It's a very heavy lift for the first few episodes and we are excited to see where the show is going to take us!

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#2 RE: Tommy Elliot's Bruce Wayne Confirmed for PremiereCatPat 2020-12-28 09:11
I was curious if fake Bruce Wayne will lead to actual Bruce Wayne.
#1 RE: Tommy Elliot's Bruce Wayne Confirmed for PremiereSiggi 2020-12-18 10:11
Glad that the promo machine is coming to speed! :-)
Will be very interesting to see how Elliot disguised as Bruce Wayne will act in the early episodes.
What is his goal? How will they find out that it isn't Bruce Wayne after all?
And Kate Kane disappears and Ryan Wilder surfaces.....well, the first episode has quite a lot to show.

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