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Batwoman is back and it feels like we are just slamming the gas petal down now. Mary seems to have embraced her poison ivy persona and is teaming up with Alice, Jada has lost control of Marquis and his plans to take over Wayne Enterprises were successful! Now all parties involved are going to slam together in a twisted masquerade party hosted by our newly corrupted Marquis! Of course at the center of all of this is the real Poison Ivy who's going to make her debut very soon. If you haven't seen her already, has an exclusive first look at Batwoman's take on Poison Ivy, but first, let's jump into "Trust Destiny", here's what stood out to us:

  1. 10 Years Ago: We open with Renee Montoya hunting down Poison Ivy, she hesitates to act against her due to their romance but it ends up getting her partner killed. Alice and Mary are stealing a hotel suite in Metropolis but when the hotel tries to throw them out, she uses her new powers to allow them to stay. In a flashback, we see Renee and Pamala and learn her partner didn't die but lost a kidney. Renee begs Pamala to remain the quirky scientist but she can't while nature is threatened. Team Batwoman meets with Renee and they discover there might be a cure for Mary if they can find where Pamala is buried. The team let slip who Batman was and Renee is shocked. Marquis calls to gloat to Ryan and Ryan has an idea to crash the party.
  2. Twisted Job Interview: The party turns out to be a job interview to replace the board of directors that Marquis fired. The team is able to get in and get enough bio data to fake Marquis' security and get into the bat cave. They meet Marquis enforcers at the top of the tower where Sophie, Renee and Ryan take them out. Ryan asks Renee to turn around when she opens the cave. Back at the party, Mary arrives.
  3. Batman's Journals: Luke alerts the crew that Mary has arrived. She walks right past Luke and goes straight to Marquis. He is intrigued with her new look and gives her an audience. Ryan asks when Renee asked for Batman's help. We are then treated to a flashback of when Renee and Pamala had to break up. Renee's duty to protect the city was too great and she was the one that used the desecrater on Pamala. Ryan then goes on to hypothesize that Pamala was buried in the Bat cave.
  4. Poison Ivy: Ryan, Renee and Sophie head deep into the bat cave to find Poison Ivy. Meanwhile, Mary takes up Alice's idea to do something so mean and unforgivable that her friends will give up on her. While we don't hear it, it is implied that Mary tells Marquis who Ryan really is and how to get into the Bat Cave. Just as she starts to make her exit, Sophie locates Poison Ivy.
  5. Dominoes Start to Fall: Marquis knows that Luke is at the party and that he is Batwing. He has his team detain Luke. Renee stays to guard Pamala and Sophie heads to intercept Alice at her apartment. Marquis takes Luke up to the roof where Batwoman is trying to save Mary. Marquis is about to kill Luke when Batwoman throws the cure into Marquis dehydrating him. Mary escapes and Ryan learns she told Marquis her secret. Alice claims that Renee lied about her plans with Pamala.

In the final wrap up moments of the show, Mary returns to Alice and drinks champagne. She wanted Ryan to see Mary as powerful but Mary was the last thing on her mind with Luke and Marquis up there. Renee asks for forgiveness from Pamala and kisses her waking her up. Sophie heads to Renee's office to find out that Renee was always going to free Pamala. Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#3 RE: Trust Destiny RecapSiggi 2022-01-14 05:41
A good episode with some nice twists!
My detailed review is now on the forum as usual.
#2 RE: Trust Destiny Admin 2022-01-12 20:52
Love that there are two Poison Ivys, great casting and character arc choices
#1 RE: Trust Destiny Recapcomic fan 2022-01-12 19:37
Really great episode tonight.SOme of the twists I did not see coming.

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