Vancouver BC Becomes Gotham City

As it stands now, Batwoman only has a pilot commitment from The CW. That said, the chances that this epic drama from the shelves of DC Comics going to series are very good! As production is underway, citizens of Vancouver BC, Canada are noticing some of their favorite landmarks transforming into a more "gothic" form. According to the Daily Hive, the Vancouver Art Gallery has transformed into a Gotham landmark. With "Mayor Atkins" adorning the pillars of the great building, some are speculating that this could be Gotham's city hall! Check out more images here:

0064 gotham

In addition to the streets of Vancouver transforming into Gotham, some of the show's stars have taken to social media to celebrate and share some of the hard work they are doing. Ruby Rose, series lead, has been putting a lot of time in at the gym to perfect her hand to hand fighting skills!

0064 instagram

Let us know what you think and how excited you are in the comments below and in the forum!

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Honestly, I think the barbed wire is hilarious!

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