What Legacy Casting Could Batwoman Have?

When Ruby Rose was announced as Batwoman, she made history. In addition to the monumental move to have a lesbian actress play the first lesbian leading character on a superhero show, she also took the title of being the first live-action Batwoman to be on any screen. While this is widely viewed as a major positive, there is one tactic that producers in the Arrowverse love to exploit that is not available to them with Batwoman. Because Ruby Rose is now the first to take the cape and cowel, there is no legacy casting for the show to employ. This isn't a negative but it does have us wondering what other legacy casting could come to Batwoman if a series order is given. As of now, no supporting roles have been announced for the show/crossover that would solely live in the Batwoman show. So without characters to base this off of, we are looking at actors that might bring fans that special joy to see guest staring on the show.

0017 scottAshley Scott: Known for her role on the 2003 show, "Birds of Prey" Scott played the lead role of the Huntress aka Helena Kyle daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Ashley, now 41 years old, might be a delight to see on the show as a villain, mentor, or even supporting role as a Kane business partner. With Berlanti's reputation of casting legacy hero parts as villains, we think Scott could play a great villain and go from hero to menace in Gotham city! Keep your fingers crossed.

0017 dinaDina Meyer: Also from Birds of Prey, Dina is most notably remembered for her role opposite Keanu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic. In the show, she played Oracle, the paralyzed version of Barbara Gordon. Meyer, now 49, also could delight fans and fall into that mentor role for Ruby. She could possibly pass the proverbial torch onto Rose in the beginning episodes. Given her age, Meyer could possibly play the role of Kane's step mother, Catherine Hamilton, where the majority of Kane's wealth comes from.

0017 rachelRachel Skarsten: rounds out our Birds of Prey cast. She played Dinah Lance aka Black Canary well before Arrow even brought on Katie Cassidy. What makes this pick pretty interesting is that Skarsten is actually only a year older than Rose and has had another show on The CW (Reign). She could possibly play an assortment of characters on the show including a romantic interest. Her similarity in age with Rose opens the door for a variety of possibilities. Given the casting trends with CW shows, this one seems pretty possible as many CW actors end up on other CW shows.

0017 julieJulie Newmar: This one is a wild shot but Julie Newmar is known for many roles including Catwoman on Adam West's Batman. Julie is now 85 years old and has had an incredible career. The likelihood of her doing a show like this is pretty low but Greg Berlanti seems to have the ability to reach some very high heights in Hollywood. He's been able to get Calista Flockhart, Helen Slater and Teri Hatcher for Supergirl already. Even if it's just a one time part for a short period, we know older fans would loose their minds seeing Newmar on the show.

0017 michaelMichael Keaton: Speaking of high heights, Michael Keaton (67 years old) would be a HUGE get! Keaton known for playing Beatlejuice 1988, Batman 1989, and Vulture in 2017 (among many other credits) would be a brilliant Colonel Jacob Kane. The possibility of this happening seems very low as Keaton is enjoying a very well earned rise in his career and playing a role on TV might not entice him. That said, the thought of Batman from 1989 passing the baton on to Ruby Rose gives us chills.

Who would you like to see in a legacy casting role? Of those we mentioned, do you have any idea for part for them? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum!

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#2 RE: What Legacy Casting Could Batwoman Have?Marysocontrary1 2018-09-09 22:18
Quoting Marysocontrary1:
While they can no longer have Adam West appear on any of the shows, there's still Burt Ward. He could make a guest appearance in an episode.

I had an idea that could work, if they got permission to use a picture of Adam West in Kate's home and say he was her great grandfather. Then have Burt Ward as his former lawyer bringing something to Kate. That could sort of be a passing of the torch between a Batman and Batwoman.
#1 RE: What Legacy Casting Could Batwoman Have?Marysocontrary1 2018-09-09 19:34
While they can no longer have Adam West appear on any of the shows, there's still Burt Ward. He could make a guest appearance in an episode.

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