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Tonight is another all new episode of Batwoman! It may be the fourth episode but it feels much better now that we know it's episode four of twenty two not thirteen! The full season order came just this week! As for the show, Batwoman is moving and shaking! We now have the classic Batwoman we saw in the Elseworld's crossover. Kate's determination to take on the role of the city's protector has introduced her to new enemies and new challenges. Tonight that new enemy had a name, Magpie, who stood out in a big way, but that wasn't all, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Shinny Shinny: Magpie makes her debut as she sneaks into a museum to take a very expensive ring! This would mark the third theft in Gotham in a week. Vesper Fairchild wonders where the new Batwoman is, and why she hasn't taken down the thief yet. We cut to Regan and Kate who have been dating for a week now. Luke texts saying he needs Kate ASAP.
  2. Fast Moving Elements: In the subsequent scenes, we are set up with a lot of information. First, Kate is lending Martha Wayne's famous pearl necklace to an event to celebrate strong women. Luke sets up Wayne's Security division to deliver the necklace. The two comment on the need for more security with Magpie out there. Then, Kate's prisoner, Alice's boyfriend, starts to go into shock. They need to get him to an ER. Cut then to Beth's grave where we see Catherine is having the body exhumed. Alice arrives and catches Catherine. Alice says she will keep Catherine's secret that she was the one that convinced Jacob that Beth was dead, but only if she gives up a new weapon she has been developing.
  3. Magpie vs Batwoman: Batwoman and Luke realize they need to be looking at top down surveillance cams. Batwoman is able to get the jump on Magpie. The two fight and Batwoman gets the upper hand but Magpie makes a run for it. Also, Batwoman is a bit new, and misses the return of a Batarang which breaks a vase! You know Vesper Fairchild calls her out.
  4. Duel Identity Issues: Batwoman demands a lot of Kate and because of it, Regan and Kate are suffering a bit. Kate is called away to help Luke just as Regan and Kate are about to eat. To make up for it Kate asks Regan to the Gala that evening. Just as Kate gets back, Magpie sneaks into Wayne Tower and takes the pearls! Luke reveals that Magpie is 3D printing her bombs with explosive ink. Sophie gives Kate a lead on where the ink is coming from.
  5. Alice Strikes: Catherine is up against the wall. She has Alice who knows the real deal about Beth. Alice wants a new weapon that Hamilton Inc. has. Catherine sends her own security force to track down Alice's lair but Alice is ahead of them. She captures all of them and cuts off the finger of one of them to send back to Catherine!
  6. Bat Tech's Finest: Magpie's lair is found and it is climate controlled. If anyone goes in, the lair explodes. The suit is able to lower Kate's body temperature so she can enter. She has to hold her breath though. She gets in and returns the pearls. Luke mentions that the Batarang was fixed and just as Batwoman is able to clone the hard drive, she sneezes and the room explodes as Batwoman escapes!
  7. A Night Out: Kate tries to set up a plan to catch Magpie and go on a date with Regan. While at the Gala, Kate stashes her Batwoman suit, and goes to meet with Regan. The two are met by Sophie who is working the event now. Regan and Kate share a drink but then it is revealed that the pearls are at the event. It's Luke who discovers it's actually a 3D printed bomb. Kate abandons Regan so she can Batwoman up! Magpie sets the bombs off which pulls Batwoman away to save the guests at the party. One of the pearls rolls down the stairs and a little girl picks it up. Batwoman is able to use the new Batarang to get the bomb away from the little girl. She then surrounds her with her cape and protects her. Then as Magpie wisks away, Batwoman uses her tech to bring Magpie out of the air into a pool. Sophie gets to her for the arrest.

Final wrap up moments. Kate can' be honest with Regan. Regan gives her an opportunity but the Bat life is not an easy one. The two split after the Gala. Catherine visits Jacob in his office. She needs to tell him that she made up the evidence that Beth's body was found. She lied to Jacob that Beth died. Jacob tells Catherine to get away from him. Batwoman returns to Mary's clinic to check up on Alice's boyfriend. Mary informs Batwoman that Alice is seeking a person named "Mouse". Batwoman then inserts a tracker into Alice's boyfriend. Then Kate decides that she is going to be a real estate developer. She is going to buy up the bad buildings in the city, fix them up and keep the rent low. At the very end of the episode, a new Bat signal is turned on now with the Batwoman logo!

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#4 RE: Who Are You RecapBWomanFan 2019-10-29 17:30
Truly enjoying Batwoman so far, finding her character intriguing. Like the subtle hints of humor.
+1 #3 RE: Who Are You RecapSiggi 2019-10-28 15:08
A very good episode with a lot of Batwoman! :-)
Details in the forum...
+1 #2 RE: Who Are You Admin 2019-10-28 09:56
I know as admin, it comes across as biased a bit, but I have to say, the first four episodes of Batwoman have been very solid! The pace feels great, and the plot seems to be unfolding organically. Each episode is Kate Kane heavy and there don't seem to be many side character focused plots detracting from the main story.
+1 #1 RE: Who Are You RecapRomulus 2019-10-28 05:26
It was an interesting episode. Well-paced with a decent storyline. It was consistent and moved the Kate and Alice storylines as required. Good effort! :-)

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