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Kate Kane is Batwoman! After tonight's big episode, the origin of Batwoman is complete. Kate used Bruce's Bat Tech to find and intimidate Alice but in doing so, she has given hope to a city that desperately needs it. Kate finally owned up to her actions and now wears the Batwoman costume! Now that Gotham has a bat back in it, the crazies are coming back too! Magpie is going to make her debut next week! We got our official first look at Magpie in the trailer for next week! You can check that out below:

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#2 RE: Who Are You TrailerSiggi 2019-10-21 14:09
Let's see how the Bat handles the Cat!
And how the story around Alice continues. Thrilled!
#1 RE: Who Are You TrailerRomulus 2019-10-21 07:33
Should be interesting. :-)

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